Hear success stories straight from our customers!

“When we moved into our commercial store space, the floors were a mess after years of water damage and having been unoccupied for over 15 years. Mel’s came and stripped and resealed the floors and made it look completely new again. It was incredible. It saved us a ton of money as we thought we’d have to put in new flooring. I highly recommend Mel’s Truly Clean to anyone for their business. Great value, great people.”

-Jenny Wellington, Tuileries Detroit, Novi MI

“We couldn’t have asked for a better cleaning crew! Mel’s Truly Clean has made our business a better environment not only for our staff, but our customers as well. We are very thankful for them.”

-Mike, Plymouth, MI

“Mel’s Truly Clean has made our office look incredible after a complete remodel on our main business floor.  Construction crew was complete, and MTC was in and out in just two days, leaving no mess behind. We would highly suggest using this dedicated company for your next clean up as well.

-Michelle J. – Livonia, MI

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